Grinder – A Tale of Horror!


By Michael Alan Bannacheck

“I am the darkness between the stars. Their light cannot pierce me.”

The Death and Resurrection of Osiris, 1290 BCE

Jeffery Kirsch shifted in his leather recliner as he tapped his tablet computer to open up Grindr. Despite getting off three times already, he still felt a fire in his groin. While it was loading a list of men who were online organized by distance, he turned the screen’s brightness level as low as it would go.   Jeffrey’s boyfriend, Evan Smith, was seated on a couch perpendicular to him. To Jeffery’s defense, he had tried to cozy up to him earlier, but as usual, he wasn’t in the mood. Maybe it was time to suggest an open relationship.

Like that’ll happen

            Jeffrey’s sigh was inaudible as his search for a quick encounter began. Hooking up was an art he had mastered. He had preloaded responses to any inquiry imaginable that were charming and most importantly, to the point.

Let’s see what we have here.

            The good thing about being new to the Twin Cities was his profile acted as freshly minted coin. He discovered with glee that he had already received five new messages. His profile magnetized attention for him.   With his face in the shadows, his naked athletic physique stood on full display revealing wash-born abdominal muscles covered by a fine layer of copper fur.

Jeffery glanced at Evan who remained engaged to watching television. For all he knew, Jeffery was merely browsing the internet harmlessly – not engaged in a primal quest to quench his thirst. When he looked back down at his screen, he did a double take at the man who just messaged him. Instantly aroused by the image of a man bent on all fours smiling at the camera, he adjusted his throbbing package. His brown wavy hair and eyes the color of twilight engourged him more. With a chest well defined and his t a back with mounds of muscle gleaming from the light above, he may have just been the most desirable creature Jeffery had ever seen. His profile name exlaimed “Greattime”

Incredible, just incredible!

            Yeah, well he’s totally out of my league

            Hey, he messaged you remember!

            The message read “Hey, looking for some fun tonight?”

“What do you have in mind?” Jeffery replied. He was about to close the window when a response lit up the screen.

“I’m looking for an adventure tonight, perhaps a romp somewhere public? I’ve always found it tantalizing.”

A few seconds later, Jeffery received four pictures of Greattime. He shifted in the recliner as a steel pipe stiffened in his jeans.

This guy’s hot, but sex in public? Sounds a bit risky.

            There’s always a catch with the good-looking ones.

          He was going to mention the danger when he received another message, “There’s an abandoned warehouse not too far from where I live.”

“Abandoned eh?” he wrote.. Jeffery squirmed again his seat as he imagined thier encounter. They would be blanketed by shadows surrounded by old boxes and equipment. Who knows who could be watching or whether they would be caught. A grin slowly painted itself on his face.

As if reading his mind, Greattime wrote, “Trust me, it’ll be fine. I’ve always been an adventurer, and I’ve explored it before. Do you like adventures?”

Jeffery was sold on the idea as soon as he received the next four photos. The man’s cock was the size of an oatmeal cylinder and his butt was perfectly formed. Each muscle was flexed for maximum effect.

“I’m ready now if you are!” Greattime wrote.

What to do about Evan, shit!

            “I can’t leave for another hour,” Jeffery explained. He eyed Evan who was laughing at one of his ridiculous reality TV shows he always hated.

“No problem,” Greattime replied. He then gave him the address and told him to enter the factory using the door by the loading dock.

Jeffery was about to close the chat but frowned instead, “Hey, what’s your name?”

“Dave,” the man replied, “See you soon!”

Jeffrey shut off his tablet and sighed. What did I just get myself into? He looked at Evan, and what the hell am I going to do about that? A plan slowly formed in his mind.

“I’m going to grab a nightcap, want anything?”

Evan’s gazed into Jeffery’s eyes, “Sure, I’ll just have whatever you’re making.”

“Coming right up!” Jeffery stood up and walked into their kitchen at a casual pace. He grabbed two glasses from an oak cabinet that was across from the refrigerator.

He opened the freezer and cursed as he tried to get blocks of ice out of those damn trays.   He went over to the other side of the kitchen and quietly opened a drawer in which he knew an old Ambien prescription was.   Jeffery removed two white tablets from the orange container and put the rest back in the drawer. He tiptoed back to the glasses of ice and got to work.

Do you think it’ll work?

            Nevermind, of course it will.

            This is going to be great!

Jeffrey was grinning ear to ear as he went back into the living room.

“Here you go stud,” he said handing the glass laced with two powerful downers unbeknown to Evan. Jeffery was quite aware that mixing the two could have serious repercussions, but just one minute with a hot stud like Dave would make it worth it. Besides, Jeffery had taken them after a heavy night of drinking and he survived. His smile grew brighter as he watched Evan take a greedy first sip.

“Thanks babe,” Evan said.

Jeffery returned to his recliner and watched as Evan downed his drink like an Olympian playing in the desert. In twenty minutes, Evan began to nod off. Jeffery slowly grabbed the remote from his lap and turned off the TV.

Mission successful!

It was the last time Evan saw Jeffrey alive.

A waning gibbous was barely visible through the foggy night as Jeffery parked in the shadows across from the abandoned factory . The plant’s silos were surrounded by smoky clouds A broken chain-link fence wrapped the perimeter atop uneven gravel road.   Jeffery turned off his engine, and the silence pressed against him.

Well, here goes nothing.

            He gave a cursory glance in the mirror to check his hair before exiting his rusty Eagle Talon and stepping into the dusky night. It was early September, and he was thankful the air was cool and pleasant, especially with an absent wind.

The factory loomed ahead and only seemed to grow larger as he approached the fence with caution.   Luckily, he spotted a break in the fence where someone must have used bolt cutters to create an entrance. He carefully slipped through the jagged edges that reached out like claws.

Looks like he might be handy after all.

            Jeffery grinned. He would certainly be putting that theory to the test soon.

Now that he had gotten through the first line of defense, he advanced towards the loading dock and got his first good look of the factory walls.

He grimaced at the graffiti that covered the outer walls like cobwebs. They were crude symbols that resembled hieroglyphics or some geometry textbook from another dimension. Upon closer inspection he realized they were obscene deceptions of sexual acts. One of the drawings portrayed a man riding the spear of an impaled corpse. Another illustration displayed a round creature with spinning blades for arms. It had a sinister grin painted on its face. All of the graffiti had one color; blood red.

Jeffery sighed in relief as he spotted the loading dock door that was open just barely a crack as promised. The symbols haunted him like a warning, or perhaps they were merely mocking his arrival. Either way it was time to take cover.

This is it! He must have gone through there.

            The things a guy’s got to do to get laid.

            Jeffery slipped through the door and entered the factory.   The inside was pitch black like a cave near the bottom of the ocean. His first instinct was to grab his phone and use its flashlight to examine the interior of the building, but he decided against it. The bright light would probably be spotted from outside, and he would be locked up for trespassing.

Your eyes will get use to it soon.

            Jeffery frowned.   The air in the room smelled of rot and decay. The odor swirled around him with the rust and grime glued to the milieus. Moonlight filtered in through broken windows revealing several corridors.

“Jeff?” a voice whispered ahead.

Jeffery jumped back startled. “Is that you Dave?” He turned towards the source as a shapely shadow stepped towards him.

“Yes, it’s me,” Dave affirmed.   The man spoke in a deep and hypnotic tone that riveted through Jeffery’s body. Any odd stench or uncanny symbols were completely forgotten. The stranger took a hold of his hand and beckoned him forward into the unknown. Dave’s hand was rough and firm. Jeffery already felt a stiffness growing in his trousers.

Dave led Jeffery into a rectangular room of some kind. Jeffery leaned back against a table and closed his eyes. Dave went to work immediately. He unbuckled Jeffery’s pants and pulled them down with such force, the button snapped off.

“Wow, easy tiger.”

If Dave heard him, he didn’t give him any indication. He pulled his trousers to his ankles and without warning, lifted Jeffery atop of a machine.

Jeffery plunged into a bowl of sorts. “What the fuck?” he exclaimed. He tried to lift himself up, but to his horror, he was glued to the smooth surface. The lights of the factory turned on, and he screamed.

In front of him a hideous monster laughed, “What’s the matter, Jeff? Don’t like what you see?”It was the man from the photos, but his mouth was unnaturally wide, split ear to ear. When he spoke, he revealed pointy teeth that looked like rusted nails. His eyes were hellfire red, and his pupils were ochre.

This isn’t happening!

            Jeffery frantically scanned the room. The walls were scorched with blood stains and rotted flesh. Suddenly, a motor kicked in underneath him. It was like the growl of a coyote.

Jeffery tried to sit up, but it was useless.

The monster chuckled. “It is, and we’re so very hungry.” When it spoke. its teeth dug into its gums. Bits of flesh and tissue dripped from the side of its mouth. Its blood was a slimy blue.

“Please, No!” Jeffery’s cries of mercy were ignored, as the humming below him picked up speed. He felt a wind sucking him inward, into the center of the cylinder. The glued skin on his back started to rip from his body as he was pulled deeper into the machine.

More creatures appeared from the shadows. “We’re so hungry…” The ungodly specimens walked towards him drooling with famine. Jeffery looked up at the ceiling at the red symbol which represented spinning blades. It was the same depiction on the wall outside. Before he could launch one more protest, the machine kicked in high gear. He was sucked into a sea of knives which sliced him into pieces no larger then kibble bits.

As the first light of dawn peered into the factory, the feast ensued.   Not a trace of Jeffery Kirsch was ever found.


The End


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