The Sadness

The Sadness in their eyes

As men are dragged and butchered for Christ

All for the dark grease in the great sands

Cast Into the horrors and the burning of nightmare land

The Sadness in their minds

As towers of rubble circumscribe

The barricades block out the glowing flam beaus

They are prisoners to the machination of the fight

Why must they antagonize with my head?

Filling my ratiocinations with dread

Their parsimonious prophecies of paucity

The tenebrific tactics of thievery

This portrait of angst, bright and bold

has changed into an empty wallet in my hold

A stack of unopened envelopes three miles high

Until the dire Din goes silent

My sorrows for the world go unpunished

The Sadness in my life

The complexity of strife

The future less times blossom this pain

Is this Insanity, sanity for the insane


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